From Oljebaren you can order catering for both larger and smaller parties! The minimum number 10 persons.
We prepare the menu with seasonal ingredients & deliver to you after agreement. 

Every catering includes something small and sweet to go with the coffee, our homemade focaccia & and of course we will send you our best olive oil ”Devs” from Catalonia. This is the one that always can be found on the tables in the restaurant. The base of the menu is completely vegetarian but we offer the option to add Simgus beef for your order. 

Inquiry of Catering is made to with at least 2 days advance notice.

Suggested menu
—  Broccolini, Gruyère cheese & dukkah  —
—  Parsnip, horseradish gremolata & almonds  —
—  Grilled sunchoke, fried parsley & smoked almond aioli  —
—  Beetroot, herbal yogurt, chives & deep-fried tarragon  —
—  Endive, egg-bottarga & parmesan  —

270 SEK /per person

Suggested extra
—  Simgus Beef  —
90 SEK / per person

—  Chark —
50 SEK / per person

All prices excluding TAX - welcome with your order!